Full of eastern promise

From the panoramic vistas of the Highlands down to the gherkins and walkie-talkies of London, you’re just spoilt for choice when travelling east side. And wherever you decide to visit, Virgin Trains East Coast will speed you there faster and cheaper while you take a breather.

We pull out all the stops to get you there

Where can you visit with Virgin Trains? Let’s get you up to speed.


It’s where the streets are paved with gold (at least according to estate agents). It’s still as exciting to visit as ever

Popular trains to London

London Kings Cross to Edinburgh

4h 20m

Doncaster to London Kings Cross

1h 42m

Newcastle to London Kings Cross

2h 47m


The Scottish capital isn’t just all about the festival - it’s a cultural cauldron all year round. 

Popular trains to Edinburgh

Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

4h 20m

York to Edinburgh

2h 24m

Edinburgh to Leeds



It’s earthy, edgy, thoroughly entertaining and home to some of the world’s friendliest people. A cheap train ticket’s all you need to go walking in a Weegie wonderland.


Not just unforgettable nights you can’t remember in the morning. The resurgent city offers top class dining, culture and much more. 

Popular trains to Newcastle

Newcastle to London Kings Cross

2h 47m


Both ancient and modern, York offers a unique and quirky boutique shopping experience. No need to go medieval on your purse with the price of our trains.

Popular trains to York

York to Leeds


York to London Kings Cross

2h 11m

York to Edinburgh

2h 24m


Named the happiest place to live recently, the charming spa town offers a welcome respite from city hustle and bustle. So why not chill out with a cheap train ticket?


Fantastic fishing, spectacular highland scenery and you might even see the elusive monster. You’ll only pay a tiddler of a price to head north.


Offshore wealth has made the Granite City one of Scotland’s most essential destinations. You don’t have to be an oil magnate to buy a ticket to visit.


The most fought-over border town in Europe is currently in England but plays football in Scotland. Whatever country it’s in, at least a cheap train ticket is a certainty.


A hotbed of creative arts and close to idyllic countryside, there’s plenty to make your heart go pitter-patter in Peterborough.

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