Whether it’s getting to that big business pitch in time, or heading home to pick the kids up from school, we know your time is precious. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure we’re on time, and that’s why we’re now providing some pretty useful information to help you understand just how punctual we really are. It’s a big measure for us.

You can take a look at our overall punctuality, as well as by route.


On time

Unfortunately, delays happen. We all wish they didn’t but sometimes, it’s out of our control...


Overall punctuality

National Passenger Survey

This is measured by the twice-yearly customer satisfaction survey by Transport Focus
The survey covers all UK train operators for Autumn 2016

 Environment Our score  Target
 Trains 77.1%  77.5%
 Stations 80.4%  77%
 Customer Service 76.8%  77.5%

Net Advocacy Score

We survey our customers following their journey, and ask them how likely they are to recommend us. This is how we measure up.

05/02/2017 - 04/03/2017

Social Media Response times

Handling times are measured by a management software tool used to engage with our customers on social media.

Platform Latest response times
Twitter 44 seconds
Facebook 51 seconds


Environmental Improvement Figures

Achieved to date –  reduction targets recommended by the Carbon Trust

 Measure 2015/16 2016/17
  Baseline footprint
 Traction (kg CO2e ppkm) 0.043 0.041
 Non Traction (tCO2e) 15,711 12,009
 Water (m3) 130,938 120,213