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Claim compensation for a delayed train or seat guarantee

Some FAQs that might help

How do I apply for compensation for my cancelled or delayed journey?

What happens if I buy a ticket from Virgin Trains East Coast for travel with another train operator, and my train is then delayed?

Make a claim

To make a claim for compensation for a delayed train or seat guarantee, please fill in the form below and submit along with a scanned image of the ticket/receipt for the journey concerned as proof of purchase. 

Please ensure that your scanned image is clearly readable, and is one of the following file types: JPG, PDF, GIF or Microsoft Word document, that is no larger than 1 megabyte in size. If you have an upgrade ticket please include this in the same file to upload.

For tickets delivered via Self-Print, please attach the PDF of your Self-Print Advance ticket.

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Should an acceptable method not be listed above, or your bank account is not in the UK, then please contact our Customer Solutions Team on 03457 225 333

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4. Disclaimer

When processing your claim we will check your details, train delays, ticket types and any other information provided, in order to assess and validate the amount of compensation due. Claims must reach us within 28 days of the date of the delay in order for it to be processed. If a claim for Delay Repay is found to be made fraudulently, this may lead to prosecution.