Meet Virgin Trains East Coast

East Coast, Meet Virgin Trains.




If you haven’t already heard, East Coast is now part of Virgin Trains. So what does that mean for you?


Well, our brand and website both now feature a whole lot more red. Also, our web address has changed too, it’s now


Apart from that, most things will stay pretty much the same for our customers at the moment. OK, you may notice a little extra Virgin flair, but we’re still very much our own business.


If you’re a fan of our online booking system, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not changed a bit. In fact, none of our online features and services have. You can still login with all your existing details, book travel, reclaim tickets and find information in exactly the same way.


Most importantly, we promise that we’re still the cheapest place to find tickets for East Coast routes in and out of London. Just remember: if you’re travelling out of King’s Cross station then you’re on a Virgin Trains East Coast service. If you’re leaving from London Euston, then you’re on a Virgin train. Easy.


Of course in the future, you will see a difference. Mainly because Virgin Trains will be investing in everything from our trains and our stations to our technology, to make every journey you book even better.


So if cheap tickets from London up and down the east coast are important to you, have no fear. They’re still the most important thing to us too.

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