Our new site

A better service on every platform

If you’re a regular user of eastcoast.co.uk you may have noticed we have a new website. It's brighter, fresher and much better looking. But it’s not just a facelift. We’ve made some important upgrades too.

Our booking process however remains the same, so rest assured that this will still be familiar to you. 

Key improvements

The full service on every device

Whether it's desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet or phone, you get the same great service wherever, whenever and however you're using the site.

Responds to the screen you're viewing it on

The site detects what sort of screen you're using and adapts accordingly. So it works just as beautifully on a little touch-screen as on a big desktop computer.

Easier to get around

We've organised the site around the things we know our customers value most. So you'll quickly and easily find exactly what you're looking for, whether that's

And if you're ever struggling, we've really upgraded the search function, available on every page.

Seriously slicker Rewards pages

As a Rewards member, you'll feel the benefit of a streamlined section that makes choosing and using your Rewards much easier.

If you haven't joined Rewards, our online loyalty scheme, now's the time to get on board. The new site makes it simple to join, collect and spend Rewards Points on a great range of gifts and treats.

More questions answered

Our customer services section is now packed with helpful advice and answers to frequently asked questions, plus quick and easy ways to get in touch when you need to.

Booking process hasn’t changed

We’ve made some small cosmetic changes to match the new look and feel but the booking process itself hasn’t changed. So you can be rest assured that the booking process that you are familiar with will continue to work as previously.

Great reasons to use eastcoast.co.uk

We’ve still got all the same features that made us your first stop for train tickets and travel updates. So you’ll still find:

So whether you’re looking for the lowest fares available on Virgin Trains East Coast services, or just need to know when your next train departs, you’ll find it all on the new eastcoast.co.uk.

We’re going to continue refining and improving the site to ensure you get the best online experience possible so please let us know what you think.