Virgin Trains helps passengers during the Christmas rush



Virgin Trains on the east coast has become the first train company to improve its information screens at stations across its route to help customers find a seat on their train and have a more relaxed travel experience.

Pictograms on the information screen will now display reservation levels for each carriage between the customer’s departure station and the train’s next calling point. The system is designed to help customers without reservations to identify where they are most likely to find a seat. Passengers can also see where their coach is located, the direction of travel and what facilities are available onboard the train. The move follows on from the introduction of similar screens at London Euston on Virgin Trains’ west coast route in December last year.

Tim Hedley-Jones, Major Projects Director at Virgin Trains on the east coast added, “For customers who haven’t got a seat booked, information on reservation levels before they board the train is really helpful – particularly over the busy Christmas period! We are confident the additional information on our Customer Information Screens will help create a simpler, less stressful journey. This is just one of many projects we’re working on that will significantly improve the overall travel experience for our customers. We’ve nearly completed the revamp of our existing fleet and 2018 will see the launch of our new Azuma trains – which will revolutionise the speed, comfort and frequency of services on the route.”

The new screens at our stations along the east coast route will also provide customers with a range of information aimed at helping them to:

Relax at the station: The screens will show each train’s approximate boarding time to help put customer’s minds at ease, and allow them to enjoy the station’s other facilities until their train is ready to board.

Manage their time: The estimated arrival time at each calling point will be shown.

Find their carriage: The pictogram mimics direction of travel meaning customers with seat reservations will know which end of the platform they will find their carriage.

Cope with disruption: If a train is cancelled, the screens will show next train information for all calling points so passengers can find their next best option.*

 *During times of disruption the pictogram will be suppressed. 

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