The great train versus plane face off

Which one is fastest? Which one is more comfortable? Take a look below to find out which is the far better ride...

We asked couples about their experiences...


Are we there yet?



Edinburgh Waverley Station is located in the centre of Edinburgh

Station entrance to platforms - 5 mins

Train journey time - 4 hours 21 mins

Total travel time - 4 hours 26 mins


Travel to Edinburgh Airport - 30 mins

Checking in/security checks - 1 hour 

Flight time - 1 hour 35 mins

Luggage pick-up at Heathrow - 29 mins

Travel to central London from Heathrow - 50 mins

Total travel time - 4 hours 24 mins

The hidden costs of flying


**Station transfers - £10.50 each way

Seat booking - absolutely free

Extra luggage - free


Around £70 each way

**Seat booking - £10 each way

Extra luggage - £20 each way

Airport transfer - £40 each way 

Are you sitting comfortably?


Stretch out in plush, reclining, leather-lined seats with plenty of legroom - plus a table, a socket and free-Wi-Fi. 


Squeeze into a narrow seat with no table or Wi-Fi (might do terrible things to the flight instruments). 

Arrive more awesome

On your next journey take the train next time, it's a far better ride.

**Plane pain
  • Travel from Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh city centre to airport by Airlink Service 100 or taxi –  30 mins approximately ( and
  • Airport checking in/security checks – 60 mins allowance time recommended by Edinburgh Airport (Edinburgh Airport FAQs
  • Flight journey time 95 mins, (Edinburgh Airport to Heathrow Airport (T5) 07.00 flight from Edinburgh, arrives 08.35)
  • Waiting for luggage at London Heathrow airport 29 mins  (Daily Telegraph article published 14/05/14, timings based on research carried out by
  • Travel to central London out of rush hour 50 mins (Heathrow Airport (T5) to Piccadilly Underground station via
  • £40 taxi journey based on average journey time over 2 London based airports (Heathrow and London city) to Central London. Monday to Friday 05:00 - 20:00 tariff. Heathrow to Central London based on a 19 mile journey to Central London. London City to Central London based on a 9 mile journey - full tariff can be found via (July 2016)
  • Seat booking fee and luggage check prices based on the average cost across the 4 most popular carriers for this route (EasyJet, Ryanair, Flybe and British Airways; July 2016).


**Train gain
  • Edinburgh Waverley Station located at Waverley Bridge, in the centre of Edinburgh
  • Hop on board (5 mins from Edinburgh Waverley station entrance to platforms)
  • Average Virgin Trains journey time is 261 mins, Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station to London King's Cross (
  • Hop off the train (average time allowance for passengers to collect bag and step off train)
  • Train station transfers based on a 6 km journey within the city centre (
    This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices.