If you have a valid ticket to travel we’re happy to take your cycle as well, free of charge. You simply need to reserve a space for your cycle before you travel. This is limited to one cycle per customer, and up to five cycles per train. 

Reserving a space for your cycle

Please make sure you reserve your cycle onto the train you are travelling on before you travel. We won't be able to carry your cycle unless it has been reserved. Two spaces need to be reserved for tandem bicycles.  

You can reserve your cycle either online or at the station.  

Reserving cycle space online

If you’re booking tickets on this website you can make cycle reservation at the same time

If there are no cycle spaces available for your chosen service, this will be flagged and you'll be given the option to book a different time or route.

Reserving cycle space at the station

You can also reserve a cycle place at Travel Centres and stations up to the time of departure. But as spaces are limited and given on a ‘first come first served’ basis, we recommend booking your ticket and space as early as possible. We can only carry up to five cycles per train (some trains only have three spaces available for standard cycles).

Cycle checklist

  • Please label your cycle with the relevant cycle reservation ticket, clearly showing your name, contact details and destination station
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your train is due to depart, to give yourself plenty of time to locate the Guard’s Van and load your cycle before your train departs.  At Virgin Trains East Coast stations, we will load your cycle on/off our services
  • Please don’t use your own padlock when placing your cycle on the train as it can cause delays
  • Be careful not to leave any cycling essentials (map, helmet etc) on the train when you get off

Folding cycles

If you have a Brompton style folding cycle there are no restrictions, you just need to safely store it along with normal luggage in passenger accommodation. We do ask that you fold these before boarding and don’t reassemble them again until you’re off the train. 

Unfortunately we can’t carry non-folding cycles on any replacement coach services. If your journey involves a public transport connecting service, don’t forget to check with the provider about their policy for cycles in advance.

Bikes at the station

  • Please dismount from your cycle before you enter the station.
  • If you’re leaving your bike at the station, please use the racks/cupboards provided. All cycles are left at your own risk and Virgin Trains East Coast accepts no liability for cycles or contents left at the station.
  • For security reasons, please don’t leave bags or panniers attached – we reserve the right to inspect the contents of any cycle panniers and bags that are left in the cycle park.
  • Ensure the cycle complies with Virgin Trains East Coast guidelines and that a valid cycle reservation is held for the service.
  • Arrive on the platform at least 10 minutes before the departure of the train and locate a member of station staff regarding positioning on the platform.
  • When directed, load the cycle onto the train and secure the cycle using the Velcro straps (only) within the cycle racks provided. Following securing the cycle, board the service through the nearest available door.
  • Prior to arrival at destination station, walk through the train to the correct end and, when directed, remove the cycle from the train as quickly as possible.
  • Some stations have short platforms – cycles may be carried to/from stations with short platforms. Please board the train at coach F and transfer your bike to the Guard's Van at the first opportunity, once you have spoken to the Guard. When getting off at a short platform, please speak to the Guard when you board the train and ask their advice on the safest way

Related FAQs

Can I take my bike with me on-board the train?

Yes! We love bikes and they can be carried free of charge on all Virgin Trains East Coast services (as long as you have a valid ticket of course). However we don't have room for hundreds, so all bike spaces are subject to availability.

If you want to reserve a space for your bike on your next journey you can do it online when you book your ticket at Just enter all of your journey details as normal (departure station, destination station, dates and times etc) then when you confirm the ticket price you wish to purchase you'll be given the option to reserve seats and a 'Bicycle Space'. Just click this option and the system will check availability for that journey. If space isn't available for some or all of your journey you'll be given the option to book a different time or route, or you can just decide not to take your bike.

Because bicycle spaces are very limited on certain routes it's worth making sure space is available before purchasing your ticket. If you are travelling with a tandem bicycle you'll need to make a reservation for two spaces. If you have already purchased your train ticket you'll need to go to a mainline station Travel Centre to reserve your bicycle space. In the summer months spaces fill up very quickly.

If you are travelling with another train operator on your journey you'll need to check their own policy too. You can do this by visiting the National Rail website.

Can I travel with a tricycle or a double deck cycle?

Unfortunately not. Tricycles and double deck cycles (specially adapted extra-tall bicycles) are not allowed on our trains.

Can I bring a cycle trailer on the train?

Yes, as long as you make a reservation for the bike and the trailer. You can make a reservation when you book your tickets, or in the My Bookings section of the website. Your cycle trailer can't exceed 100x100x100cm in size, and 50kg in weight, and able to be carried into the driver or guard's van. Trailers under 90x70x30cm can be carried free of charge, however larger trailers are subject to an excess allowance charge of £5.00 for a single journey and £10.00 for a return journey. You can buy your allowance charge at the same time as you book your tickets and/or cycle reservations.

Can I bring a petrol-powered vehicle on board, such as a moped?

No. For safety reasons trains are not allowed to carry any petrol–powered vehicles.