Planning on packing the kitchen sink?

What’s allowed?

We’re pretty chilled about luggage, but please limit what you bring aboard to three pieces. Two of these can be larger items (no bigger than 90cm x 70cm x 30cm) plus one piece of hand luggage. 

Unless you have booked assistance in advance, you will need to be able to comfortably handle your own luggage, so get pumping iron or pack less.


Extra luggage

Extra luggage is:

  • Any items over your free allowance of three pieces
  • Anything bigger than 90cm x 70cm x 30cm

Oversized items

Your luggage might be refused in passenger coaches if:

  • If it’s going to obstruct doorways, gangways or corridors
  • It’s bigger than 90cm x 70cm x 30cm
  • It has to travel in the luggage van for safety

Keeping your luggage safe

We’ve got a few tips to keep your luggage safe: 

  • Keep a close eye on your bags and check them regularly
  • Make your luggage unmistakably yours with a colourful ribbon, strap or tape
  • Label your luggage discreetly with your name, postcode and contact number
  • Keep valuables like phones, wallets and purses hidden when not in use
  • Avoid blocking doors, gangways and corridors with luggage

Related FAQs

How much luggage can I take on board?

You can bring up to three pieces of luggage on our trains, this can be two larger items (90x70x30 cm) and one piece of hand luggage. If your luggage is too big or you have some extra items, you’ll have to pay a £5.00 charge per item and place them in the guards van. And you need to be able to handle it yourself (unless you have restricted mobility and have booked assistance).

You can find out more about our luggage policy here.

What should I do if I’m travelling in a group with large amounts of luggage?

If you've bought your tickets through our Group Travel Team just let them know how much luggage you are planning to take. To save a little space on the train, check your group luggage into the driver’s or guards’ van. Our Group Travel Team will explain everything you need to know about placing luggage in the guards’ van.

Can I get some help with my luggage?

We don’t have dedicated luggage handling staff. Our station and on-board crews are a nice bunch though, and they’ll help if they can when people are getting on and off the train. Just bear in mind their first responsibility is passenger safety, so they might not be available to help.

How should I label my luggage?

When travelling with us, you’ll need to label all luggage with your name, address, destination station and a contact number. Your luggage may have built in label sleeves, but if not, it’s a good idea to write your details on a piece of card and tie it securely to the handle.

How do I check items into the driver or guards van when I get on the train?

Ask a member of our station or on-board team and they’ll help you with the nuts and bolts. Arriving at the platform you’ll need to head to the front of the train and follow signs for coach A and B.

How do I remove my items from the driver or guards van on Virgin Trains East Coast?

When you’re about to arrive, follow the signs for coach A or B and tell a member of staff that you need to access the van. They’ll help you out with getting your things off again.