Seat Selector

To help get your journey off to the best possible start, we’ve made it super easy for you to choose, change and find your seat.

With that taken care of, you can relax and look forward to the rest of your journey. Nice.

Choose your seat

Aisle or window? Front facing or back? Table or no table? We’ve all got a favourite seat, and with our free online seat reservation service, you can reserve yours when you buy your ticket. Watch our video below to see how.

Find your seat

It’s easy. Every coach has its seats numbered consecutively – all you have to do is check you’re in the right coach, and then follow the numbers to your seat.

To make it even easier, we’ve produced seating plans for all our trains that you can download and print off for when orienteering. Go on, have a look around…

Seating plans for electric Mallard trains

Seating plans for HST trains

Train seat availability

Our slick new Seat Availability tool enables you to see how busy your train is likely to be before you book a ticket, so you can plan your journey accordingly. No more sitting on the floor. 

View seat availability

Change your seat

You can amend your seat reservations for Virgin Trains East Coast journeys any time before you travel, right here at

For flexible tickets like Anytime, Off Peak & Super Off-Peak, you can even change your seats to a completely new train on a different day – and if you have an open return but know when you want to travel, you can reserve your seat for the home leg too.

If you have an Advanced ticket, you can’t change your train unfortunately, but you can still choose a new seat! When you do this your original seat reservation will be instantly cancelled and a confirmation email sent to you with your new seats and reservation code. This takes the place of a normal orange reservation coupon, so you will need to print it out and bring it with you.

Unfortunately we can only help you change your seats for Virgin Trains East Coast bookings, and not with any other operators. 

How to amend your seat reservation

  1. First of all, sign in to My Account and go to My Bookings.
  2. Find the booking with the seat reservations you want to change, and select Amend Reservations from the drop-down list. You then have two choices:
    Option 1 – Choose new seats for the same service (this is your only option if you have an Advance Fare)
    Option 2 – Choose new seats for a new service.
  3. If you select option 2, you’ll need to select a new date and service from those shown.
  4. Next choose your seating preferences and click Continue.
  5. You will then see a confirmation screen for the new seats you have booked.
  6. After a few minutes you will receive your confirmation email. This is your receipt for the amended seat reservations, and shows the original booking reference and the new booking reference
  7. Print out the email and keep safely with your tickets ready for travel.
  8. Go and have a nice cup of tea.