Travelling with children

Kids go free with us

Mums and Dads, you deserve a medal. But how about free travel for up to two children under five instead? Kids love trains, after all. 

You might have to have them on your lap if we're busy, though.

Or did you know that with a Family and Friends Railcard you can save up to 1/3 on adult fares and up to 60% on most child fares. Bargain.

On board facilities for parents

Pushchairs and Buggies

Pushchairs and prams are welcome on board – just as long as you fold and store them like any other luggage, and don't block the wheelchair spaces. 

Number ones and twos

You’ll find baby-changing facilities in the toilet compartments in coaches G and L.

Heating baby food

Boo-hoo... we can't heat food or milk or baby bottles for your baby. Health and Safety will be all over us like nappy-rash.


Sucking eggs

A few tips for mums and dads planning a trip with children. You know all this, but there's no harm in a quick reminder: 

  • Don’t forget their favourite books, toys and small screens - plenty of things to keep them occupied
  • Book window seats - kids love spectacular views, and we’ve got lots of them
  • Choose a seat near the toilets, just in case they have a little ‘emergency’

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