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East Coast Rewards is closed

And any unredeemed points have now been deleted. Of course, if you redeemed points on a reward before the 30 September 2015 deadline, then you can still enjoy your treats at your leisure and the same terms and conditions apply.

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Premium Beers

Points make pints with Beer Hawk

The only thing better than fantastic beer is having it delivered right to your door. Beer Hawk’s experts have gathered one of the biggest selections of real ales, craft beer, pilsners and lots more in one handy online bar that’s a quaffer’s paradise.

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8 bottles

Eight of Beer Hawk’s favourite beers from some of the best brewers on the planet, including those at the forefront of America’s craft beer revolution: Anchor, Goose Island and Brooklyn breweries, as well as some more classic brews such as pilsners from Germany and Eastern Europe.  

15 bottles

Fifteen of Beer Hawk’s favourite beers from across the globe, including the likes of the German Jever, American craft beer from Brooklyn and the European powerhouse of brewing expertise, Belgium. The selection covers steam beer, wheat beer, brown ales and sour beer, so you can sample a complete range of styles in the comfort of your own home. 

24 bottles

A massive selection of 24 bottles (worth over £55) from the some of the world’s best breweries. The case includes steam and wheat beer from America, Belgian ales and sour beers, German kölsch and pilsners, and the British brewing sensation that is BrewDog.  

30 bottles

Thirty of Beer Hawk’s favourite beers featuring almost every style of beer available. There's German pilsners, strong Belgian ales, cheeky American hop bombs and also some great British classics. Take a tour of the planet’s best brew houses without leaving your favourite chair (not counting the occasional trip to the fridge).

48 bottles

Now this is a lot of beer! Forty-eight of Beer Hawk's best brews which means there's guaranteed to be something for everyone (if you can bear to share them). All the main beer producing countries are featured, as are the best breweries on the planet. The selection contains the ultimate selection of styles, from pale ales to stouts, taking in the fruity aromas of Belgian lambics, powerful hop bitterness of the finest IPAs and much more on the way. The ultimate connoisseur’s collection.

Terms & conditions

  1. Please allow up to 5 working days for your crate of beer to arrive. If you are not happy with your reward, or need further assistance or more information about your order, please contact
  2. This reward is subject to availability and is limited to 3 crates of any beer option within a 28-day period. 
  3. Additional purchases can be made at the same time as redeeming your reward but postage costs will be incurred.
  4. We cannot deliver to overseas addresses.
  5. Virgin Trains East Coast takes no responsibility for lost or damaged orders. Please contact should you have any issues of this kind.
  6. If a beer runs out of stock, Beer Hawk will replace with a bottle which is of the same or higher value.
  7. This reward is only available to customers aged 18 years and over. 

Please note: 
You’ll need to provide your credit card details as part of the transaction process. This is only needed to prove that you’re over the age of 18. No payment will be taken, unless of course you choose to buy more beer. 

This reward is limited to a maximum of three crates of beer within a 28-day period.  For example, members can redeem a mixture of 3 different crate options, or 3 of the same crate options in a 28-day period.

Whatever happened to East Coast Rewards?

East Coast Rewards is now a thing of the past. We’ve replaced it with two loyalty schemes with broader benefits: Nectar and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

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