Spend your Nectar points on advance tickets

Wherever you got them from, spend them with us.

This is the best bit. You can use Nectar points to buy our Advance tickets. You just spend your Nectar points on one of several denominations of Virgin Trains East Coast eVouchers, and then use those to pay for tickets on this site.

Get eVouchers with just 500 Nectar points

The more you redeem, the more you’ll have to spend. See our breakdown below to see the different value eVouchers you can get for your points:

Nectar points required£ eVoucher value (from 1 June 2015)
500  £2.50
1,000  £5.00
2,000  £10.00
4,000  £20.00
10,000  £50.00

A few things you should know

  • Virgin Trains East Coast eVouchers are only valid against Virgin Trains East Coast Advance tickets purchased at virgintrainseastcoast.com.
  • The eVouchers are valid for at least 12 months from the date you spend your Nectar points
  • You’ll need a Virgin Trains East Coast account to spend your eVouchers. If you don’t already have one, you can set one up here
  • Any unspent value on your eVoucher will be stored in your Virgin Trains East Coast account until you spend it. This amount will expire after 12 months though, so if you haven’t spent it by then it will be removed from your account


Still not sure about something? Hopefully we’ve got the answer here in our most common Nectar FAQs.

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