First Class complimentary dining

It's important to us that you feel perfectly at home when you travel with Virgin Trains East Coast. That's why, in First Class, you can enjoy complimentary food and drink served to you in your comfy seat.

What's on offer

Because we want to offer you variety when you travel with us, our menus change throughout the day and rotate weekly.

Crew members will provide you with one of our menus. These will change depending on the time of day, and day of the week that you travel.

Journeys under 70 minutes
On our shorter journeys you can expect complimentary drinks and snacks.

Journeys of 70 minutes or more
On longer journeys you can enjoy our full complimentary offer. During busy periods, we may have to substitute or change some items on the menu at our discretion.

On Bank Holidays, the Weekend menu will be offered.

Refreshing drinks, on the house

We'll ensure you remain refreshed with hot and cold drinks served along the way. Complimentary alcoholic drinks from a selection of fine wines, beers and spirits are served to our First Class customers aged over 18 on weekday services from lunchtime.

Our wine selection

Just because you’re eating on the move doesn’t mean it can’t be a civilised occasion. Our new range of top quality wines allows you to enjoy a crisp white Sauvignon Blanc or a soft and juicy Pinot Noir with our compliments.

The finest British cheeses

Our cheeses, combined with our expertly chosen wines, the perfect end to your day.

Coastal Cheddar (v)

Traditionally handmade on Form Farm near Dorchester, this Cheddar is made using pasteurised cow’s milk. It has sea salt crystals added during the maturing process to give it a distinct sea flavour. Aged for 15 months, it’s a great rugged multi-purpose Cheddar.

Dunsyre (v)

From cheese maker Humphrey Errington in Lanarkshire this semisoft, blue veined cheese is similar to Bleu d’Auvergne made with unpasteurised milk from Ayrshire Cattle. A strong and distinctive flavour, smooth on the palate, slightly sharp in taste, with chunky streaks of blue-green mould that imparts a spicy flavour.

Meat eater or veggie...we’ve got it covered!

We know that all our customers are different and dietary needs vary, so on each menu rotation we have included a gluten free option, or one that can be prepared as gluten free (Monday to Friday only).

Please just ask a member of our on-board crew for further information.

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