Ready to BEAM up?

Our brilliant (and completely free!) onboard entertainment service, BEAM, is packed with blockbusters, boxsets, TV shows, games and magazines to make your journeys even more glorious.

Say hello to BEAM, our FREE onboard entertainment service that’s streamed direct to your tablet or smartphone - and now to your laptop, too.

BEAM gives you access to hundreds of hours of the best fresh-off-the-box-office movies and cult classics, TV box sets, TED talks, magazines and games. 


How do I access this wizardry?

If you’re using an Android device or a laptop, you can just head to If you’re using an iOS device (iPhones and iPads) then you’ll definitely need the app. BEAM will let you know when you need it and you can download it onboard for free. Easy.

Visit enjoyBEAM now