Ready to Beam up?

Our spanking new (and completely free!) onboard entertainment service, Beam, is here, packed with blockbusters, boxsets, TV shows, games and magazines to make your journeys even more glorious.

Fancy a film at Falkirk? We’ve got everything from big hitters like Bridesmaids to absolute classics like The Godfather – plus plenty of Disney for ‘the kids’.

And then there are all the TV shows. We’re talking Spaced, An Idiot Abroad, Peppa Pig, Skins, Cuckoo, even the delicious Nigella...

Hooked on Grantchester? Fear of missing Fortitude? You can fly through episode after episode at 125mph. Easy.

Or if you’d rather just sit back with a good read, we’ve all the latest issues from the likes of Total Film, BBC Good Food, Newsweek and Top Gear magazine. Plus plenty of games for the little ones to conquer and complete.

You’ll simply need to download our onboard entertainment app before you board so you’ll be ready to stream the second you sit. So as the credits roll, you’ll arrive, ready to roll. Prepare for enterTRAINment.

Download the free app from the Apple store.

Download the free app from the Play store.


Watch our how to Beam video.