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Virgin Trains East Coast Trains Live on your phone

You can have live travel information, whenever you need it, at your fingertips. Just download one of our free smartphone apps.

The information is provided by National Rail Enquiries and covers all Virgin Trains East Coast services as well as connections to any National Rail network. Full features include:

  • Journey planner
  • Live departure and arrivals boards
  • Favourite stations list
  • Live train progress and platform numbers
  • Delay and cancellation updates
  • Directions to nearest station
  • Connecting travel options

Download iPhone app

The iPhone app is compatible with the iPhone 3G or later.


Download Android app

This app has been designed to work on all Android devices running Android version 1.5 or higher. Some functions of the app require GPS access, and so your device must be GPS-compatible.

Help & support

Getting started

Once you’ve downloaded, installed, and opened your app, you’ll need to accept the disclaimer. As soon as this has been done you can set up your own ‘home’ and ‘work’ stations from within the “Update your settings” option. This will enable shortcuts to your most relevant Live Departure/Arrivals Boards and Journey Planning from the main menu.

Finding stations

If you have GPS enabled on your phone, you can simply tap the ‘Nearest’ station icon and it will bring up a short list of stations close to your location. Or you can tap the keypad button which will let you search for a station by name or code* (if you know it).

*Each station has a three letter code called a CRS code. You can use this to search stations instead of typing in the full name.

Using live departure and arrivals boards

When you’ve set your home and work stations, you’ll see a Live Departure/Arrivals Board button with a star next to it. To see the information, simply tap the button. It will show departure times from home in the morning and work in the afternoon.

If you’ve added other stations as favourites, you can save Live Departure/Arrivals Boards for them too.

Your two most recently viewed Boards will always be displayed but you can customise this to add up to ten. To open them, just tap on the button.

To remove a Departure/Arrivals Board, hold your finger against the button for a few seconds, then select ‘Remove this Station’ from the menu that will appear. You can also do a ‘long click’ on your home and work Departure/Arrivals Board which allows you to delete your home or work stations.

Planning journeys

Next to your home and work stations you’ll see a Journey Planner button with a star next to it. Just tap the button, pick a time and date and the Journey Plan will be displayed.

Your two most recent Journey Plans will always be displayed, although you can customise this up to ten, and you can save Plans too. To view one, tap on the button next to it. There will also be a London Underground and Docklands Light Railway Status button on the Journey Planner page. To check the status of these services, simply tap the button to open the boards.

Personalising your app

Your home page will display your home and work stations, list of favourites, Live Boards and Journey Plans. To set the page to suit your preferences, just tap the Home Page Ordering option.

How to create Live Departure Boards

To create a Live Departure Board, pick the Virgin Trains East Coast station you want to travel from – you can do this by searching by name, code or GPS, or tapping your favourites or most recently used stations.

When you’ve picked your station, a list of Departures over the next two hours will appear. The list will show times, platform number, if known, and status for each train. The status can be any of the following:

A green tick = on time
The time in red = delayed departure time
Cancelled = the train is no longer running
Starts here = new departure station
No report = we have no information on this service yet

For the most up to the minute information, tap ‘Update Now’. To see more information about any service, like where the train stops along the route, just tap that entry. The station will be highlighted with a pale yellow background and real running times will be shown in grey, predicted times in blue. If there are active notices about any service or station, a ‘View Service Bulletins’ button will appear. Tap it to read the information. 

How to create a Journey Plan

To create a Journey Plan, tap ‘Select a Station’ on your home page. Then select ‘From’ and ‘To’. You can then choose ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ by tapping the clock icon. When you’ve got the right date and time, tap ‘Done’ which returns you to the previous screen – then tap ‘Search’. This will bring up five options.

You can select ‘First’ or ‘Last’ which brings up the first and last services in the day; you can tap ‘Arrive’ to find trains that will arrive at an exact time; you can tap ‘Earlier’ or ‘Later’ to see more options, or you can tap ‘Now’ for trains that depart immediately.

You can also see the cheapest fares available (First and Standard).

The app shows you the current status of each journey, such as whether it’s running on time, if it’s cancelled or whether there are any disruptions to service. You’ll also usually see which platform the train will depart from, the duration of the journey and if you need to make any changes on the way.

You can view ‘More Details’ for any journey and you’ll see station names and Mode of Transport for each leg – for example, train, tube, bus, ferry. If London Underground forms part of your journey, you’ll be able to view Tube Route Advice.

If you hold your finger on any service for a few seconds, a pop-up will be displayed which lets you see your To and From stations on Google Maps.

To add any journey to your home page, just tap ‘Save’.

How to update your settings

On the home page, tap ‘Update Settings’ and you’ll see a list of settings and preferences you can adjust to suit you.

For example, if you prefer to travel without changing trains, you can set your preferences so the app will only search direct routes. (If there are no direct routes, options with changes will be displayed.) You can include slower trains in your search preferences as these may offer cheaper tickets. And you can add Railcard fare options.

You can also change these settings at any time simply by updating them again.

Managing App Data on Android

This option is only available on Android phones and lets you increase or decrease the number of favourite and recent journeys that appear on your home page. If you decrease recent journeys, the oldest will be removed.

You can also allow the Virgin Trains East Coast Live Train app to send information to your phone’s log. This can then be used by our team to help you should you have any issues with the app. Simply tap the ‘Enable Logging’ in your settings.

Finally, if you want to, you can remove all data stored on your phone and reset the app to its initial settings. This will only remove Virgin Trains East Coast data you have downloaded, nothing else. Just tap the ‘Reset Data’ button. Once you’ve confirmed your request and the data has been deleted, you’ll be returned to the home page and first time set up wizard.